Our multi-camera system and outside broadcast truck enable us to creatively live stream your next event to the world

We provide cost effective multi-camera event filming and live streaming solutions using our portable satellite uplink. We provide a full event filming service for conferences, award ceremonies, sports matches, festivals and stage performances.


Our broadcast approved HD multi-camera set-up allows us to enhance your brand by achieving the high production values normally achieved on television, but at a much lower cost.

Technology saving you time and budget

Using our multi-camera system means we can live mix your event, giving it a televisual quality as well as saving you time and budget.


Our experience of developing creative broadcast solutions for conferences ensures that key messages reach as wide an global audience as possible - both in real time and after the event.

Enabling live conference participation for all

Our range of innovative and affordable approaches combines creative thinking with the latest technology to keep your on-site and remote audiences fully engaged throughout your event.

Live streaming

Rather than committing our clients to the expense of paying per viewer and per hour we offer free unlimited bandwidth for as long as you need to as many viewers as you require.

Trusted to provide live streaming to all platforms

Our broadcast satellite uplink enables us to transmit high definition live video content to large screens at events and to TV’s, PC’s, tablets and mobiles across the globe.

Business Videos

Video is the future of content marketing. It can communicate complex information simply and present the human face of a brand in a way that drives an instant emotional connection.


We recognise that for video to be effective it has to be both informative and entertaining, so rather than just listing products we use video to tell a rich brand story.

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We are specialists in live streaming, event filming and video production for conferences, awards ceremonies and sports. 

Our experienced team, streamlined outside broadcast truck and portable satellite uplink enable us to create broadcast quality videos quickly, simply and affordably.


Whats Live streaming video all about?

  • Live streaming encourages audience participation. Live streaming a conference, exhibition or concert is the ideal way to grab the attention of a prospective online audience – no matter where on the planet they’re based. Watching a presentation or performance in real time can also be the catalyst for remote audiences to actively participate in your event via social media – creating increased brand engagement and encouraging content sharing.
  • Advances in quality will amaze you – and your audience. The early days of live streaming were underwhelming; videos could be grainy and jumpy, and sound quality was often poor. All this has changed as technology has improved. Live streaming is now a highly effective way of capturing the excitement and atmosphere of your event and bringing distant viewers right into the heart of the action.
  • You’ll be surprised by the low cost of live streaming. The cost of live streaming your event has plummeted in recent years as new technologies have made this option more and more affordable. Organisations that simply couldn’t afford live streaming are now comfortably able to use it to showcase their events to larger audiences than ever before.
  • Streaming gains you new social media followers.  Just as live streaming will encourage your existing audience to participate in your events from afar, it will also help you to gain valuable new followers. As people see your event being shared right across their social media networks, their interest will be piqued and they will navigate to your site to watch and join in.
  • Live streaming increases your venue attendance. If you want to increase the number of tickets you sell for your next event, live streaming may well be the answer. Recent statistics demonstrate that online users who have viewed a live stream event are 30% more likely to attend a physical event in the next year.
All event venues have capacity restrictions, meaning that much of your potential audience can often miss out. Live streaming sell-out events live on the web makes them accessible to an unlimited worldwide audience – allowing you to overcome any venue constraints that currently limit attendance
No matter how important your conference messages, it’s rarely practical to transport every potential conference delegate across the globe. Streaming key conference presentations live on the web enables global workforces to hear the power of your words, and feel the energy of the conference atmosphere for themselves
If you are streaming a popular event with a potentially large worldwide audience, live streaming can increase its profitability. Online pay-gates enable you to charge for access to your stream – and the increase in audience can increase the value of event sponsorship
A free live stream could allow you to interact with new clients and create new business opportunities. Broadcasting topical content that’s of interest to potential clients is a great way to engage prospects that may not previously have considered you

The immediacy of live events makes them compelling for viewers, especially live sports. If you choose to only make your live stream available at one moment in time, you can create quite a stir on the web. Social media bolsters engagement, creating an even bigger real-time conversation around the event.

Whilst forward thinking organisations are already reaping the benefits of live streaming, many more have yet to try it. Streaming live events and sharing value-adding content in webinars or informal tutorial chats demonstrates marketing innovation that can give your brand a compelling point of difference.
Broadcasting a live stream across a range of platforms and encouraging interaction via social media can generate a significant volume of high quality questions and responses. These can be leveraged to develop online content that engages customers by closely reflecting their needs and motivations
Capturing successful events and seminal presentations in a live stream is a simple way of building a valuable online archive that chronicles the history and achievements of your organisation. Key moments can be replayed, edited into highlight packages and viewed again and again in the future.
Awesome Video – Well Done !!!!
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