From large-scale team tournaments to multi-venue gaming events. We mix multiple live cameras with real-time gameplay and high-end visuals, then deliver to screens big and small all over the venue. We get your content to viewers wherever they are watching—from streaming to Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube Gaming, to canvassing all of the popular social media platforms, to launching your very own esports channel.

  • Multi-camera HD video production by experienced crew
  • Overlay branded graphics and animations
  • Highly experienced eSports producers
  • KA satellite system removes need for location Internet connection
  • Live stream player embedded into your website and social media sites
  • Live HD video streamed to all devices
  • Audience engagement via integration of Facebook and Twitter
  • Experienced Casters and Stage crew
  • Knowledge of Gaming and eSports Industry

From esports leagues and tournaments, to online platforms and game developers, Create Broadcasting’s video technology lets viewers plug directly into the action—and to the global gaming community. With a range of video production solutions for sourcing, switching, streaming, recording, and social networking, Create  has the tools you need to build your brand and create a broadcast-quality experience for viewers, subscribers, and spectators in resolutions up to 1080p and 4K UHD at 60fps.


Tim has worked as a senior production manager for ESL Uk for 4 years and joined Create Broadcasting two years ago and manages our broadcast studios in Birmingham. As well as a avid gamer, Tim directs and handles the broadcast for many Esports events around the world, recently working in Spain and Germany as a freelance director. He is also our IT specialist and designs and builds our portable networks for events.
Richard has over 20 years experience in broadcasting during which he has worked in all aspects of video production – from channel director of a niche award winning SKY TV channel to freelance live director on major events. Richard held an Ofcom Licence for 5 years and is proficient in basic media law. Richard is also the consultant creative director at ESL, the worlds largest eSports events organiser and regularly directs live TV shows to global audiences.
Mike is an experienced film-maker, screenwriter and television director, having worked in the live television industry for over 7 years. His films have been shown at various film festivals worldwide, including the London Short Film Festival, and one of his screenplays was shortlisted for production by Trigger Street Productions, the people behind ‘House of Cards’, ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Captain Phillips’. Mike’s other skills include editing, colour grading and storyboarding.

Whatever the game, our production team has the energy and expertise to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. We use the latest technology to convey the excitement of your eSports event in an immersive televisual experience that can be live streamed to large screens on-site and to a global online audience. HD broadcast cameras are used to cover all the action – multi-camera angles on the Casters, Gopro shots for the players and roaming cameras and flying jibs can capture the excitement.

Create Broadcasting have a host of interesting Esports contacts, if you need Casters or Stage hosts, we have worked with most of them in Europe and we can provide talent as part of our production package. Stage Mangers and League Ops are important members of the team and we can supply experienced freelance crew.

Expanding the audience for your production

When we film and live stream an event we deliver a creative televisual broadcast. We pay close attention to every detail – using professional title sequences, live graphics and engaging presenters. Our approach to filming allows the online audience to really feel part of the event, and social media links provide them with access to live interaction with performers, event goers and other viewers. Multiple broadcast cameras provide a range of shots and our wireless cameras give us access to dramatic angles that would be impossible with conventional cabling. We make innovative use of GoPro cameras to achieve beauty shots that enhance the overall production.

We mix and edit instantly onsite, broadcasting live to your website in full HD through our satellite uplink or using on-site fibre optic. Our compact OB truck includes a live multi-camera editing deck, multi-channel audio, a graphics suite, communications system and the controls for our satellite uplink system – guaranteeing a stable and professional broadcast link.

Sharing the celebrations in real time

Our production team knows exactly what it takes to capture the exciting atmosphere at your awards ceremony – and to share the anticipation and celebration live with a global online audience. Our experienced production team provides a dynamic, multi-camera set up – using creative camera positions to capture dramatic shots of both on-stage action and audience reaction. We edit instantly onsite, bringing the ceremony to life with synchronized presentations and professional live graphics.

We broadcast live in full HD to any platform through our satellite uplink or using on-site fibre optic. We can embed the live stream feed onto your website and social media sites – encouraging real time response from your online audience via Facebook and Twitter.

Our award ceremony production service can include the development of televisual nomination videos that will keep both onsite and remote audiences informed and entertained throughout the event. We can also create highlights packages for winners to keep as a reminder of their achievements and for use in PR and marketing.