Create Television Studio – Broadcast Quality At Affordable Prices

Our multi-camera studio solution makes broadcast affordable for all businesses – Our studios are complete with full HD gallery with large studio floor and direct feeds to all the major broadcasters

  • End-to-end planning and production service
  • Expert direction to help you look and sound your best
  • Multi-camera HD filming and live broadcasting
  • Professional lighting grid and wireless audio
  • Televisual techniques to keep your audience engaged
  • Green room and hot desk office
  • Edited archive for viewing on-demand after the event
  • Real time audience engagement

Our TV Studio is used for a wide range of setups including multi-camera broadcast, green screen work, corporate promos,  interviews, commercials, and studio based talk shows. Our air-conditioned studios have saturated lighting grids and can be provided one of our own standard sets or a custom built set. We have dedicated fibre optic with HD connectivity to all the major broadcasters.

We have six HD cameras including two pan tilt cameras mounted in the ceilings for overhead work. Our studio contains all the elements you expect in a television studio, from floor monitors to wireless talk back.  We have full redundancy from vision mixers to broadcast encoders, we even have redundant power generators !

We also provide custom built studios at your premises with easy monthly rental payments including crew and all the creative elements needed to fulfil your monthly video content requirements  – without you having to worry about what equipment you need and hiring experienced and creative and all the other costs associated with building a studio.

Our Pop-Up studio is ideal you want to produce multi camera studio or event shows, either recorded or live streamed. We can be set up and operational at a venue of your choice in a couple of hours, ready to ‘Go Live’ to your viewers. Maybe you want to pre-record 10 short discussed programmes that you can schedule over the month – this is a high cost effective way of producing high volume  – low cost content without having to leave your office.


Our broadcast gallery contains all the familiar equipment found in a broadcast gallery with fully redundancy for broadcast critical kit. We have two 20 x SDi input vision mixers, directly fed by our 72 x72 video matrix. We can send a separate live stream to the internet, Facebook, Youtube and your website and this system can play-out different graphics and interactivity. We have two VT play-out machines attached to our NAS server and feed directly to our vision mixer or routed to our livestream play-out. Audio is all digital, with the very latest Allen and Health desk, wireless Sennheiser Microphones, PPM’s to conform to broadcast audio levels plus a fantastic audio monitoring system which allows full studio monitoring or pre-fade – very useful when broadcasting live ! Big 42 inch monitor walls and broadcast return feeds plus a grade 1 Sdi monitor ensures perfect picture references. We have two pan-tilt video camera controllers housed in the gallery, all programmable and with instant programme recall. In-ear wireless talkback for three presenters plus a separate 10 x wireless talkback for crew and gallery crew.
Our studio floor is 7 metres x 5 metres and currently has a built back wall with 2 x 42 plasma screens built into the wall. Lighting is covered by 10 x fluorescent lamps giving a cool and even light and prewired into our global truss system. We have four Sony PMW-200 cameras all complete with tripods, LED monitors and zoom controllers. Two pan-tilt SDi cameras are housed in the ceiling and controlled by the gallery crew. There are several TV monitors on wheels stands and the studio is draped with black surge with acoustic panels in the ceiling. Full air-con and heating.
As you would expect, our studios have two dressing rooms and a relaxing green room complete with a play-out monitor and sofa area. We have a small warehouse for products and a large working/prep area to the side of the studio. We have 10 x hot desks with wifi and power and plenty of space for meetings. Parking is available directly outside the studio and we have a dedicated loading area.
Studio hire costs are based on time in the studio – we offer several packages for half and full days. Costs include an experienced gallery director/producer and we can supply camera operators as required.  Costs for half a days filming start at £1500 including our director and one camera operator.