Webcasting Service – Broadcast Quality At Affordable Prices

Our creative and cost effective multi-camera solutions make broadcast quality webcasting affordable for every size of business – Let your online audience view HD video content on any device from any location

  • End-to-end planning and production service
  • Expert direction to help you look and sound your best
  • Multi-camera HD filming and live editing
  • Professional lighting and sound system
  • Televisual techniques to keep your audience engaged
  • We provide the specialist software or equipment needed
  • Edited archive for viewing on-demand after the event
  • Real time audience engagement

Our broadcast quality webcasting service keeps remote audiences fully informed and engaged  – increasing your reach and reducing your costs.Our live webcasting service exponentially increases your audience whilst delivering huge savings in time, travel and accommodation. We offer free unlimited bandwidth for as long as you need so you can communicate with a limitless global audience at no extra cost – keeping your staff, customers, partners and shareholders across the world fully informed. Our experienced team provides all the creative and technical support you’ll need to plan your webcast and to really get your message across on the day. They’ll also provide easy online links to encourage online audience interaction. Our broadcast satellite uplink enables us to transmit high definition live video content across the globe, accessing uncontended KA satellite bandwidth to guarantee transmission quality and broadcast at platform appropriate rates.


What is webcasting used for ?

Webcasting your event in full HD to a global audience

Webcasting has become one of the most intelligent and cost effective ways of presenting new products and services to a geographically dispersed audience – whether staff, partners, customers or the media

It dramatically increases your live audience at a fraction of the cost of bringing them to a physical venue – and with none of the complication

Our broadcast quality filming, editing and streaming service ensures that your online audience can experience the impact and excitement of your launches in real time – helping to involve them as effectively as if they were present

We can convey all the drama of the event and incorporate a range of multimedia presentation content into your production to powerfully reinforce the features and benefits of your new products

Our webcasts can be viewed on any device in any location, and we enable your online audience to participate fully in your event by providing links for them to post questions and receive responses in real time

Recording the production allows it to be accessed online indefinitely, helping you to build a valuable bank of high quality video content

Winning hearts and minds with live webcasting

When you need a dispersed team to hear the same message, at the same time and delivered to the same standard, there is no better solution than professional webcasting.

Webcasting guarantees absolute consistency of communication, and our multi-camera approach and use of creative televisual techniques mean that your team will be fully absorbed by your messages. What’s more, we can provide online links for them to post questions and for you to respond in real time

We can combine digital presentations and other multimedia elements into the briefing, and can produce a highlights package that can be used after the event to provide a concise reminder of key messages

Webcasting your briefings enables you to reach staff all around the world at the lowest cost, with minimal disruption, and with negligible environmental impact. Your team can take part in the session from their workspace, home or even whilst on the move – making it incredibly easy and efficient for them to stay fully informed and engaged. And allowing you to maintain a far more regular dialogue with your team than would otherwise be possible

Webcasting council meetings for transparent decision-making

Forward thinking councils are committed to improving their accountability by providing their residents with easy access to an open decision-making process

They are increasingly using webcasting to enable communities to see local democracy in action and witness first hand how decisions are reached – without having to attend meetings in person

We have developed a streamlined filming and live webcasting service that’s specifically designed to provide councils with professional broadcasts at very affordable rates

Our experienced team provides all the technical support you need. We film using the latest HD cameras and edit instantly in real time, incorporating multimedia presentations into the broadcast as needed

We broadcast live in full HD to any platform through our satellite uplink or using on-site fibre optic. This enables us to guarantee transmission quality and broadcast at platform appropriate rates so that viewers can watch the webcast on TVs, PCs, tablets or smart phones

An easy way to invite friends and family around the world

Webcasting or “Wedcasting” is fast gaining popularity as an affordable way of involving many more people in your wedding celebration

It helps get over the capacity constraints of your venue by enabling extended families and friends all over the world to enjoy the event in real time, from the comfort of their home

Our HD multi camera system and creative approach enables us to film your ceremony and celebration from many different angles, capturing every detail. We edit and stream live, so that your remote guests can share each special moment of your big day as it happens

Our portable satellite uplink enables us to broadcast in HD so your friends and family can watch your wedding on TV, PC, tablet or even phone. We can also create a film of the highlights of the day for you and your guests to enjoy for years to come

Our experienced team will provide all the technical support needed to ensure that the filming and broadcasting runs smoothly – leaving you free to enjoy the celebrations